Scout Series Gloves - Marsh

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Brand: Gator Waders

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There is not much worse than cold wet fingers when hunting or setting up decoys. The all new Scout Series Gloves are here to keep your extremities warm, dry and functional in those colder situations. Constructed with the NEO/FLEX™ neoprene flex wrist cuff for a snug fit. Another great feature to ensure the best fit is the adjustable forearm gussets to keep your gloves close to you at all times.

Sizing: (Measured by the width of your knuckles)

Small: 2.5 - 3"

Medium: 3 - 3.5"

Large: 3.5" - 4"

X-Large: 4" - 5"


Temp Rating

  • 4 Layer breathable, water resistant polyester exterior shell
  • Small wrist buckles to keep gloves together when not in use
  • NEO/FLEX™ neoprene wrists for snug fit
  • Adjustable forearm gusset with velcro band
  • Silicone pull tab for maximum grip while adjusting
  • Rubber imprinted palm grips