Field Notes

Tips for Catching Summer Bass

Bass can be notoriously hard to hook in the heat, but don't let it keep you from getting out on the water. From when to fish, where to fish, and what to throw, these tips will help you put more bass in your boat in the summer.


Wildly Edible : Turkey Nuggets
What separates one turkey nugget recipe from another? It starts with your marinade and dredge. This southern fried wild turkey nugget recipe will have you coming back for more. It's time to get cooking!
Spring Trapping

Maintaining the predator population is crucial to increasing the odds of survival for wild turkeys. If you're hearing and seeing less and less turkeys on your property, check out these tips for spring trapping to decrease the predator population and increase the turkey population.

Shed Hunting: A Bone to Pick-up

Shed hunting is the perfect way the get more information on how deer and wildlife are using a property or piece of ground, along with their population health and density. If you are prepared to put miles on your boots, these tips can help put antlers in your bag.

Unloading: The Light Goose Conservation Order
At the height of population, biologists estimated the snow geese population was growing an estimated five percent each year. So what is the Light Goose Conservation Order (LGCO) and what has it done to help? Read more to find out!  
Hunting With a Guide
If you are looking to book a guided hunt or have one planned in the future, here are some do’s and don'ts to make your trip go a little smoother and be an enjoyable experience for everyone.