Behind the Shield - Jeremy Lind

"I mean other than astronauts, I don't know anyone that has a better view than I do."

- Jeremy Lind -

When you think of careers associated with the off road industry, what comes to mind? More than likely, you would think oilfield, construction, or other blue collar jobs as do most. However, the underground world of mudding is truly diverse and continues to draw people from all walks of life... not excluding commercial airline pilots. No one thinks that the guy they pass on a trail is the same guy that will be flying their plane going to vacation next month.

It takes a minimum of 1500 hours to obtain a FAA Airline Transport Pilot certificate. That's a lot of hours in the air! With every pilot trying to achieve those hours, it is far from an easy task to achieve. However, that is exactly what Jeremy has achieved. The same guy that is dressed in a pristine white button up and slacks that you see when you board your plane is the same guy who seeks the thrill of being covered in mud in a cut off t-shirt. There is a song that says "country must be country wide" and well, we couldn't agree more.

You can tell immediately from talking to him that two things are evident. One, he has huge passion for flying, and, two, he has a huge passion for off-roading. As soon as he hits the throttle on his ATV and as soon as he slides that door open on the plane there is no mistaking that this man was born for this!

Jeremy is one of many who make up the #gatornation and stand "Behind the Shield". He is a prime example of what Gator Waders is all about. Passion, determination, and excellence in doing what you love. So, sit back and enjoy a glimpse into the underground world of mud racing and getting to know a Gator Waders original involved in it.


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