To see our dealer list or if you have questions relating to a specific product or order and return information, Gator Waders has got your back. Use the fields below to find the section that fits your needs and if your question isn’t covered give us a call or email using our general contact information.


Q: Where can I try on waders?

A: We are constantly growing and expanding our reach to retailers all over the world. You can go to our "Retailers" tab at the top or by CLICKING HERE to find a retailer near you.


Q: Is there a warranty on discontinued products?

A: Discontinued products will only carry a 30 day manufacturer warranty from the time of purchase. These products will still be subject to a 30 day return policy where if you are not satisfied with your waders you can return them for a full refund within 30 days, as long as there are no signs of wear and waders are like new. After 30 days there will be a $25 restocking fee. 

If your waders are in need of repair and you would prefer to have one of our experienced wader repair specialists evaluate and repair your waders, please contact our service team at 903-787-8654 to set up a repair. We will do everything possible to repair them for a reasonable fee of $40.00 and return them to you quickly. If your waders are not repairable, one of our team members will contact you to discuss replacement options.


Q: What if I am in-between boot size?

A: If you are in-between sizes, select the next even size down. For example: if you wear a women’s 7, get a size 6 boot. The boots are not snug on your feet and they do not fit like tennis shoes, which allows for a size up and down.


Q: How can I have my logo and name added to my waders?

A: We would love to see you personalize your waders! For custom orders please call us at (903) 787 8654 or email us at