Fowl Ball - A.J. Minter

Never miss an opportunity to load up, get out and get muddy. Early July, in East Texas, is not always the best conditions for riding but that's what the new Swamp Series Waders were designed for! So in the midst of all the hustle and bustle, when you find yourself with a free weekend, you don't pass up a chance to hit the trails.

That's just what we did! Loaded up the bikes and our waders and set off to have a good time at Mud Creek Offroad Park in Jacksonville, TX. Not sure what to expect, we hit every hole we could confident that our rigs and gear would get us through anything we put them through.

A huge thank you to the following:

Mud Creek Offroad Park (
High Lifter (
MSA Offroad Wheels (
Monster Rigging (