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The Light Goose Conservation Order began in 1999 and is an effort to help control the population of adult snow geese and limit the destructive effects on breeding ground in the arctic. At the height of population, biologist estimated there were 16-18 million snow geese in North America, with population growing an estimated 5% a year, putting a huge strain on breeding grounds for not only snow geese, but for other waterfowl species as well.

Federal biologists decided to let hunters and outdoorsman step in to help curve the population growth by starting the LGCO, allowing licensed hunters an opportunity to hunt light geese (lesser, greater, and ross’s snow geese) on their return migration, with very little regulation. Hunters can utilize electronic calls and unplugged shotguns and, in most states, don’t have daily bag limits to worry about. A classic way to hunt snow geese is laying under a spread of white decoys wearing all white. Not only does it give hunters a way to extend their season (all the way through April in some places), it is an incredible way to experience a hunting style unlike any other.

Man wearing white hat and white sweatshirt
Man wearing white hat and white sweatshirt holding goose
Man wearing white hat and white sweatshirt bending over holding waterfowl

While the Light Goose Conservation Order is a fun way to help flatten population growth, it alone is not enough. Biologists and Organizations like Delta Waterfowl are still working on efforts to study the effects snow geese are having on the Arctic ecosystems and looking for other options to help save and restore those breeding grounds. Projects like our Conservation Hoodie are an effort to help to raise money to make sure the sport we all enjoy stays around for future generations.

Grab one of our
LIMITED RELEASE white hoodies and help support a great cause.

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White save the tundra sweatshirt
Man wearing white hat and white sweatshirt holding goose
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Man  in field wearing white hat and white sweatshirt
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GW PROTECT is directly focused on raising money and supporting the people and organizations that let us enjoy the things we love here at Gator Waders. It is our commitment to donate project-based earnings back to the organizations making a difference. From wildlife conservation, to outdoor recruitment and youth outreach, GW PROTECT promises to give back.

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Delta Waterfowl is The Duck Hunters Organization, a leading conservation group founded at the famed Delta Marsh in Manitoba, with its U.S. Headquarters in Bismarck, North Dakota. They work to produce ducks through intensive management programs and conservation of breeding duck habitat. Delta conducts vital waterfowl research, and promotes and protects the continuing tradition of waterfowl hunting in North America.

* Over 60% of proceeds from the purchase of this white hoodie will be donated towards the conservation efforts of Delta Waterfowl.