Join Juan Carlos the Canada Goose as he migrates across North America to hunt with some of Gator Waders' finest hunters. Stay tuned to learn more about his journey and how you can be a part! 

Dry Foot Outfitters


Location: Alberta, CA
Hunting with: Mike Plein w/ Toxic Calls
# of Birds Harvested: 176
# of Hunts: 4


Amazing hunt Mike & the Toxic Crew!

Bridger Engagement


Location: North Dakota, US
Hunting with: Bridger Urban
# of Birds Harvested: 40
# of Hunts: 3


Congrats on the engagement Bridger!


Location: Wisconsin
Hunting with: Terrance Beach
# of Birds Harvested: 63
# of Hunts: 4

Terrance laying down those WISCO birds!



  STOP 4:

   Location: Michigan
   Hunting with: Patrick Wiese
   # of Birds Harvested: 95
   # of Hunts: 5

   Juan Carlos gets a bandana! 



  STOP 5:

   Location: Oregon
   Hunting with: Travis Malin
   # of Birds Harvested: 97
   # of Hunts: 4

   Juan Carlos Visits the PNW!



  STOP 6:

   Location: Lubbock, Texas
   Hunting with: Derek McDaniels
   # of Birds Harvested: 144
   # of Hunts: 4

  STOP 7:

   Location: Galena, Ohio
   Hunting with: Garrett Lowe
   # of Birds Harvested: 31
   # of Hunts: 2




  STOP 8:

   Location: Carlyle, IL
   Hunting with: The Fowled Reality Team
   # of Birds Harvested: 40
   # of Hunts: 2

The goose is home and spent his last two hunts in Carlyle, Illinois with the guys from Fowled Reality