Product Care

Cleaning your Waders

Like anything else that you may own, the better something is taken care of, the longer it will last. Same goes for your waders. To obtain the maximum life out of your waders, we recommend cleaning your waders after every use. 

Mild soap, a wash cloth and water is perfect for spot cleaning. For the times when your waders are covered in mud, (fist bump) we recommend you hanging them upside down and washing them with a water hose. DO NOT USE A PRESSURE WASHER. Once your waders are clean and dry, we recommend storing them inside away from the elements. For minimal life of your waders, get them muddy, throw them in the back of your truck and leave them there all summer. 

Remember that hot water destroys your wader's flexibility, so you should never wash your waders in a washing machine. Always dry it inside out, indoors, as quickly as possible and away from sunlight.

No ironing or dryers, of course. If possible, it is best to store your waders in a plastic bag.


How to extend the life of your waders (Neoprene)

If you use your waders often, it's easy to understand how much pressure you're putting on the neoprene. The sun's rays, mud, sand, and frequent stretching all take a toll. Your Gator Waders are always working for you and, therefore, they deserve a rest and proper treatment. There are many inexpensive neoprene conditioners out there that can help add some life to your waders. Neoprene cleaner and conditioner is the best way to ensure your second skin will live to see more rides. These products work as both disinfectant and cleaning catalysts, eliminating all small offensive particles.


Improper storage          Proper storage



Storing your Waders

As durable as our waders are, they are not completely immune to the elements. That is why it is very important to properly clean and store your waders when they are not in use. Proper storage of your waders is crucial. If stored in extreme heat or cold, the materials are susceptible to premature deterioration resulting in damage to your waders and ultimately, causing leaks, and tears.