Men's Scout Series Gloves - Red

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Brand: Gator Waders

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There is not much worse than cold wet fingers when riding or trying to get out of a tight spot. The all new Scout Series Gloves are here to keep your extremities warm, dry and functional in those colder situations. Constructed with the NEO/FLEX™ neoprene flex wrist cuff for a snug fit. Another great feature to ensure the best fit is the adjustable forearm gussets to keep your gloves close to you at all times. 

Sizing: (Measured by the width of your knuckles)

Large: 3.5" - 4"

X-Large: 4" - 5"


Temp Rating

  • 4 Layer breathable, water resistant polyester exterior shell
  • Small wrist buckles to keep gloves together when not in use
  • NEO/FLEX™ neoprene wrists for snug fit
  • Adjustable forearm gusset with velcro band
  • Silicone pull tab for maximum grip while adjusting
  • Rubber imprinted palm grips