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Omega Uninsulated Boots
Mens - Mossy Oak Bottomland

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Built with modern innovation in mind, the Uninsulated Omega Boots sport a 3.5mm ultra-abrasion resistant neoprene upper and a lightweight rubber outsole featuring our new U-Grip tread, specifically designed to allow mud and rocks to escape and to provide maximum durability on even the harshest terrains. The Omega Boots also feature a rear-calf adjustable gusset for the perfect fit. No matter how far off the beaten path your hunting adventure takes you, the Omega Boots will get you there and back, with confidence in every step. 

* 3.5mm Ultra-abrasion resistant neoprene
* Scent-free
* Durable, lightweight rubber outsole
* U-Grip rubber outsole
* Axis Hinge Heal technology
* Rear calf adjustable gusset
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