We wanted to design a pattern that works in multiple environments, breaks up your outline, and let’s be honest, just looks good.

We took color inspirations from nature and worked up a pattern design that worked well to break up your outline up close, as well as from afar.



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VERSATILITY & Concealment

From the hardwoods of Arkansas, to the potholes of the Dakotas, and everywhere in between. SEVEN™ was designed with a contrast of colors that are layered together so that certain colors really take over depending on the environment. We combined macro and micro patterns and added in low-contrast color blending to combat profile outlines and high-contrast pops to build depth into the pattern.


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Proven Colors. Tested Pattern.

With the proven success of SEVEN™ — especially in timber, swamps, and darker marsh environments — stems our 7 Brown pattern.

We added a classic color pallete to extend the range of versatility and concealment across even more environments. Added browns and warm tones help 7 Brown disappear. Whether you're hunting the rice fields of Arkansas, wading the Phragmite marshes of the Eastern Shore, chasing birds across pea fields of Canada, or through the flooded corn of the Midwest, 7 Brown helps keep you concealed in those grassier environments.

SEVEN™ and 7 Brown will give you confidence to hunt anywhere. And... ANYWHERE. MEANS. EVERYWHERE.

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