Behind the "Why?"

Here at Gator Waders, we believe that the best way to provide quality gear and unbeatable service is by listening to you. Every bit of feedback is well received and taken very seriously. So we asked some of our biggest supporters "Why?". Why Gator Waders? 


Gator Waders - High Lifter

"If you ask us at High Lifter why we choose Gator Waders, three words come to mind: quality, comfort, and style. Their insulated waders keep us warm in the winter, and we love the breathable line for the warmer days. They always fit just right, look the best, and keep us dry, which is important because we're always covered in mud!"


Gator Waders - King Boss Squad

"The this is, the Gator Waders company treats everyone like family. They go above and beyond to ensure their customers and patrons are 100% truly happy. I bought waders and outerwear but what I got was a family."


Gator Waders - Fishers ATV World

"Gator Waders quality is some of the best you'll find on the market today. Everything about them is top notch from their complete line boots, waders and apparel."


Gator Waders - Monsters of the South

"We support those who are invested in supporting the industry. As well as a company that was built from the ground up, involves their customers in the product development and works harder than anyone in the game to improve their already top-notch product lines. Justin and the GW team have always supported the Monsters of the South. We not only use the GW products to protect us from the elements while we ride year around, when GW Hunt was released it was an easy choice to use the products as we are all avid outdoorsman, hunters and fisherman. In short, all GW product lines are hands down top quality, period."


Gator Waders - Eh TV

"Comfort, lightweight and durability. Also looks that kill."

| Blake Hagemeier - Fowled Reality

Gator Waders - Fowled Reality

"Innovation, durability, and comfort...enough said!"

| Mike Plein - Toxic Calls

Gator Waders - Toxic Calls

"They are the ONLY waders I've ever worn that don't feel like waders."

| Cody Kelly - Small Town Hunting TV

Gator Waders - Small Town Hunting

"Easy, from waders to boots, they are the most comfortable that I've ever worn and after 2 years, still no leaks. Growing up in the South, you depend on either boots or waders pretty much every single hunt to keep you dry. Gator Waders have done that!"